Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Holy shit balls! A new featurette focused on Charlize Theron was just released and it is chock to the gills with fresh footage from Ridley Scott's new sci-fi/thriller/horror/allthingsawesome "Prometheus"!

video after the break.

Wha-HOW! I simply cannot wait to see this. If by some cruel twist of fate, the film turns out to be crap, it will be one of the most crippling letdowns in my movie-fandom life. The images, the design work, the cast, the soundtrack, the basic premise, every single detail seems pretty damned brilliant from here. Here's hoping it hold up!

For the record, I guess I'm in the minority as someone who is NOT a fan of this latest poster. I find it way too "connect-the-dots" and obvious. It feels like someone in marketing got worried we all wouldn't be able to tell what's going on and created this breadcrumbing snapshot to help make it easier. Every other promotional image has been quite mysterious and beautiful and I find this one dumbed way down for my taste. Look, everybody! See what happens? Something blows up! It's by that guy that did other cool stuff! See the actors in tight suits? Got it? Good, we didn't want to lose you, there!  

Prometheus opens June 6 in 3D and IMAX 3D. Here is hoping (praying!) for a new classic to add to the canon.

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