Wednesday, 9 May 2012


So the good folks over at FILMSCHOOLREJECTS.COM have boldly posted a list of "The 10 Greatest Movies of all Time." And shortly afterward, nerd brawls broke out all over the world.

The list is a solid one though. I like those guys and I've got no issue with it. You can read about how their list came to be, the parameters/rules used and all that jazz right here, but here also is my two cents on how anyone could justify such a list and the verbiage used. *Ahem*...

  1. This is a list about personal opinion and nothing more. Period.
  2. The list is a list of the greatest "movies" of all time. Not the greatest "films" of all time. 

Now back off for a second. I know that sounds pretentious, but stay with me... 

I believe the word "movie" reflects more to the simple experience of watching a motion picture up on the silver screen. It's a personal perspective driven largely by how the movies make us feel as individuals or as members of a group of like-minded enthusiasts (sometimes referred to as fans, nerds or geeks). 

Conversely, I believe the word "film" would reflect titles known more for their artistic, cultural and technical impact and should be assembled with a more neutral perspective that takes into account how these films have inspired, enlightened and affected the worldwide community as a legitimate work of art more than as simple entertainment. 

But hey, I like comic books, so what do I know? 

Finally, the correct pronunciations of each word: 
Movie: MOO-BEE

You're welcome.

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