Monday, 21 May 2012


So the UK's creative team of Beth and Jonny (known as "Yum Yum") have been around for a few years releasing some fun animated shorts, but they're about to jump into the urban toy game with an initial 5 piece, 5" boxed toy release that's all kinds of fun. Check some cool pics and videos after the break. I love kung-fu granny and naked popcorn guy.

If you visit the Yum Yum Blog (right here), you can pre-order the initial release and see some pics of what's planned for later releases as well.

While on another favorite blog of mine,, and found a great shot of the entire series, so thanks to TRE for the pic below.

The character designs remind me of Aardman's Wallace and Gromit series, but with a decidedly stranger twist.

and here's links to the two Yum Yum videos featured on their site as well:

First up is "Fast Food"

And this gem is called "Parallel Parking"

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