Monday, 21 May 2012


Milan-based inspirational blog "Think" is a creative outlet for Luca Gentile's design studio. Clearly he has all kinds of cool stuff going on, but he's also responsible for one of the funnest paper toys on the web: The "Big Chief". He's totally free, downloadable and you can start building one of your own right now.

Luca's Big Chief series of paper toys have been around for years now and he's regularly posting new designs that can be downloaded and made for the cost of a sheet of paper (or better yet, card stock). I love the original (pictured), but I may have to build the new cyclist version of BC too.

One of my favorite novelties to come out of the Big Chief line is the "full sized" mustache template that, like the toys, you can download and cut out all for yourself for free, but unlike the toys, you can actually wear it (pictures below) and inject your day with awesome! Need a little pick me up? Feeling a little short of confidence? Slap a Big Chief "cookie duster" on to your face and rule the day!

The Think Big Chief download page is right here. 

And the page featuring the mustache download is over here.  Or click directly right here.

Do it! Do it! Seriously, do it! Then post that on your FaceBook page. You know you want to!

Enjoy a Big Chief day!

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