Monday, 4 June 2012


Yes, the title is actually Cat Shit One. And despite being animated and despite featuring cute looking rabbits as soldiers, it really is quite authentic. It's also one of the best war story series of any kind once you settle in and get used to what you are looking at.

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Originally launched as a manga (illustrated book) in 1998 by Motofumi Kobayashi, it has since spawned three series in that format. And in 2010 the story was also adapted into a single episode/short that was supposed to spin off a full series. Sadly that hasn't happened yet. The books were set in the Vietnam at the height of that war,  and when they were translated to English were retitled Apocalypse Meow. The animated short is now set in The Middle East sometime around 1991. 

In the show, the various nationalities involved in the conflicts are represented by different animals. Americans are rabbits, Chinese are pandas, Russians are bears and so on. What is really strange about the whole thing is that the rest of the world is depicted in a hyper realistic way. All the settings are really authentic and every piece of equipment, from the combat webbing to the firearms to the helicopters and ground vehicles are exactly correct. The characters all move and hold and use the equipment in completely authentic ways and the mo-cap technology used to animate the characters leaves more than enough of the human performance to make it all seem strangely real. It's really an unusual experience and I encourage everyone to have a look. It may not be to everyone's liking, but I really dig it and hope that a full series gets off the ground soon.

Click the above photo to watch the entire first episode/short on JuggaloDay's dailyMotion page.

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