Wednesday, 21 November 2012


When I heard that some unholy producers had decided to create a sequel to Korea's genre-bending "monster movie" THE HOST, I winced. Why wouldn't I? It would likely be an hollow, uninspired, reanimated corpse of the original, right? That's what usually happens when a second film fires up without any of the original creatives attached. It smelt like a cash grab. But then this test footage appeared online. The film may still turn out to be poop, but so far, it looks pretty great.

Sweet video and links after the break: 

Damn that if that awkward, drunk puppy mutant monster isn't still one of the most original creatures put on screen since The Creature from The Black Lagoon. Love it. Come to think of it, picture the classic Creature walking a pug-sized one of these on a leash. I know! Adorable, right?

Anyhoo, check out the footage below and if for some really odd reason you haven't seen the original THE HOST (GWOEMUL) film, then set your life right and get on that. Yes, it's in Korean and there will be subtitles.

THE HOST (Gwoemul) link on IMDB  *(Not to be confused with Stephanie Meyers latest YA piece of crap)

And here's a link to a solid streaming site if you can't find a hard copy. You're welcome.

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